Twene Jonas make yawa as Ghanaians laugh and mock him

Ghanaian movie producer, Twene Jonas who dominated the Ghanaian headlines and social media for his famous 24/4 the system is not working during the Covid-19 Lockdown. In his videos, he clearly explained how Ghanaian leaders and citizens are not making any positive impact on the country. Twene Jonas criticized them a lot and this gave him a lot of followers. He simply called the United States of America, Heaven and Ghana, farm.

Jonas later started talking about his wealth and what he has achieved in the states. This took away some of his followers who were no more interested in what he was doing. He started losing his followers as time moved on.

Jonas in a recent post decided to sell his T-shirt with “Glass Nkoaa”, “Didi free” and “The system is working, 24/7” boldly written on it. He was selling it for $35.99 dollars.

Ghanaians upon seeing this begun to laugh and mock Jonas. These are how Some Ghanaians reacted to his post.

Ghanaians mock him

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